Welcome to Realium! We are currently in testing mode so funds and properties are not real for now.

What Is Novel About The Realium Platform?

Blockchain is changing how the world does business and how real estate is being transacted. Realium leverages these benefits to make investing in real estate even more beneficial for you.

Converting the asset

Realium uses blockchain technology to represent the real tangible asset as a security.This allows for the property to be traded the same way stocks and bonds are traded on exchanges.

asset table

Expanding the capital stack

Property owners are provided with a way to unlock more capital from their asset through tokenization. Since only a portion of the asset is tokenized, Realium users are part-owners that do not carry any voting rights.

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asset liquidty
Cap table
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Transacting a Property

Realium allows you to create a truly diversified your investment portfolio

1. View property details
Each property listed on the platform will include details related to the individual property and to the investment.
2. Select the desired shares
Users will have the option to buy shares of a property, list shares that they currently have tied to their account, or submit an offer to purchase shares at a specific price.
3. Confirm the transaction
Once a transaction is confirmed, it is added to the blockchain. The new property will now appear in the user’s dashboard where they can list it for sale again.

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