We are currently in beta so properties are not real.
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How does the Realium platform work?

Learn more about how properties are acquried, tokenized, sold, and traded on the Realium platform.

Onboarding the property

Realium onboards income-producing properties through acquisitions or partnerships. We then form an LLC for each property to split it into thousands of tokens. Purchasing a token makes you an active part owner of an LLC that manages the property.

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Purchasing tokens

1. View investment details
View detailed information about the property’s finances and projected return.
2. Purchase tokens
Purchase tokens from Realium at a fixed price using your bank account, credit card, or crypto wallet.
3. Receive rental income
Collect rental income based on your percentage of property tokens owned. Your tokens appreciate over time and can be sold back to Realium at any time.

Trading tokens

Once all the tokens in a property have been sold, Realium creates a secondary market for users to sell their tokens to other users. Tokens listed for sale will be added to the order book of each property. Token price fluctuates based on user demand.

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Realium fees

Realium sells properties to users at a 6% premium of the acquisition cost. Realium collects a 1% transaction fee on all secondary trades between users.

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asset table



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Past results are no guarantee of future outcomes. Returns in the past, predicted returns in the future, and probability forecasts may not reflect actual future performance. All real estate entails risk, and it is possible to lose all or part of your investment. Realium investors recognize and accept the following: 1) that investing in real estate, like investing in other fields, is risky and unpredictable; 2) that the real estate industry has its ups and downs; 3) that the real property you invest in may not generate a positive cash flow or perform as expected; and 4) that the value of any real property you invest in may decline at any time and the future property value is unpredictable. Prospective investors should carefully study the provided financial information of each property and consult with their tax, legal, and financial advisors before making an investment decision in any offering. Realium does not provide investment advice or make recommendations in connection with any of the offerings on the website.

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